First, a little about us...

Our Philosophy

We are two coffee lovers that started off by home roasting coffee for our own enjoyment. Perfecting our roasting technique became a fun challenge and a labor of love. We became more discerning as we saw how an exceptional roast could really help the coffee sing with flavor, and a bad roast could make it fall flat. A few years later we began Beach City Coffee by roasting coffee in small batches for friends. Now, you can enjoy it too!  

We pride ourselves on being part of the third wave of coffee roasters.  This is the current movement to produce high-quality coffee that is artisanal, rather than just a commodity. We work hard to provide a superior product, carefully sourcing the best beans from around the world based on what is freshly available, and roasting it to perfection. 


For us, this means not overdoing the roast. When you over roast coffee, you can compare it to ordering a very well done (or charred) filet mignon. With our roasting style, we are able to bring out the complexity of flavors that is unique to each coffee bean.


We hand roast our orders in small batches, which allows us to meticulously monitor the coffee’s first crack, and cool it at the perfect time, and temperature. We ship out our coffee the day after roasting so that you get to enjoy the coffee at its prime. We taste the difference and know you will too!