White honey, toffee almond, canned pear, dark chocolate, brown bread, kola nut, spiced apple...these are some of the beautiful flavor notes that we have seen come out of our freshly roasted coffee. These flavor profiles brighten our morning, alongside that much needed caffeine kick.

    Now consider waking up to the taste of an acrid, flat, bitter coffee. This is what happens when coffee goes stale. Those amazing flavors get lost, just like food going bad. Coffee goes stale after being exposed to oxygen. It starts once the coffee is roasted, and becomes more and more evident as the weeks go on. Grinding the coffee makes this process even faster and more noticeable. 

    Our recommendation is to always look for coffee that has not been roasted over one week ago, with the roast date clearly shown. This should give you time to enjoy the complexity of flavors that high quality coffee has to offer. When you bring it home, put it in an airtight container, and in a cool dark place. Grind it right before brewing.