1. We Select The Highest Quality Coffee

We buy from a local green coffee supplier that only carries "the best of the best coffee," meticulously chosen from around the world. This includes coffee from Central America, South America, Africa, Indonesia, and Asia. Each month, we carefully select our beans based on what is freshly available. This allows our customers to try high quality coffee from different origins, with unique flavor profiles, and notes. 

2. We Hand Roast The Coffee To Perfection

Coffee beans from different origins require different roasting times in order to bring out the best flavor profiles. We cater to the specific qualities of each of our selections, and adjust our roasting times to bring out the best cup! We hand roast in small batches in order to maintain the integrity of the premium coffee. This typicaly is a Medium roast, but does vary. If you have a roasting preference, please contact us to let us know.

3. Choose Your Subscription

We have four selections based on how much coffee you drink: The Beginner, The Coffee Novice, The Coffee Lover, and The Office. The quantity you choose will be mailed out to you monthly or bi-monthly (depending on the subscription) one day after roasting. We recommend you grind your coffee at home right before brewing, in order to have the freshest and best cup. However, if you do not own a grinder, we will pre-grind your coffee for you. Subscribe to Beach City Coffee now.


Brewing tips will be provided in your first order so that you have all the tools to make a perfect cup of joe. The billing takes place automatically so you do not need to hassle with re-ordering each month. If you want to change the quantity you receive, liked a particular origin you received and want to get that one again, or would like to skip a month or cancel, simply email us at and we will make the changes for you. Welcome to the club!